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Q1.      What is STROLLS?

Ans.:   STROLLS also known as Suspicious Transaction Report OnLine Lodging System is currently an e-service offered to STR reporting entities free of charge. Not only will it allow makers of Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) to lodge their STRs online, it could also be used as a portal for the expeditious exchange of information. The system is built on an electronic platform and is hosted on the secure Government network.

Q2.      Why should I use STROLLS?

Ans.:   This is because the STROLLS system aims to bring you “4S”.

Secure: STROLLS provides additional security, confidence and peace of mind to STR makers when lodging their reports.

Simple:  STROLLS is built with a user friendly interface. Filing the STR step by step in accordance with the prescribed forms will ensure that the STR maker does not miss out any important details.

Identities of users are authenticated by SingPass, reducing the waiting time required by applicants to use STROLLS. Not only will the applicant have one less password to remember, they will be able to access STROLLS immediately once their application is processed.

Swift:    STROLLS automatically fills up specific fields (such as the institution name and details of the user). This reduces the inconvenience of retyping details each time you log in.

STRs are received immediately by STRO after submission.

Not only so, STROLLS will forward a copy to the relevant regulatory body (authorised to receive a copy of the STR) when the STR is being submitted. The filing of STRs has never been faster or easier.

Save:    Not only will STROLLS save time for the compliance officers but also save money in the printing and delivering of hard copies STRs to the authorities.

Q3.       What do I do when one of my officers who is a user of STROLLS resigns?

Ans.:   The organisation should undertake full responsibility in ensuring the authorised usage of STROLLS. You can task the officer who is given user administrator rights within your organisation to remove the resigned officer from STROLLS. If the resigned officer is a user administrator, please inform the STROLLS administrators to update the details of the new user administrator.

Q4.       Is there a limit to the number of users each organisation can have?

Ans.:   No, there is currently no limit to the number of users each organisation can have. However, organisations are advised to keep the number of users at a manageable level to avoid unauthorised usage after the user has been transferred out or resigned from the organisation.

Q5.       Will an officer who has resigned still be able to access STROLLS?

Ans.:   The officer would still be able to access STROLLS if his/her profile has not been deleted by the user administrator of the organisation. Hence, it is extremely important to keep the profiles of your officers updated and remove users who have resigned.

Q6.       Will an officer who has resigned and joined another organisation still have access to the STRs which was previously drafted/submitted by him?

Ans.:   No. The officer will only be able to access the STRs which he/she drafted/submitted on behalf of the new financial institution. This is provided that the previous financial institution has deleted his/her user profile. He/she will not be able to access the STRs belonging to his/her previous employer.


Q7.       What is the login ID for the STROLLS system?

Ans.:   The STROLLS webpage resides in the Government Secure Webpage. Hence, your SingPass will be used as the login ID for the webpage.

For organisations applying for an account for the first time, you are required to register your employee’s SingPass login (i.e. your NRIC/FIN/Work Permit/Employment Pass No.) with the STROLLS administrator.

Q8.       Why is there a need to use my SingPass?

Ans.:   SingPass is designed with the objective of providing a common authentication system for accessing Government e-Services (Internet Application) such as STROLLS. It enables single-factor authentication so that users of Government e-Services (Internet Application) need to remember only one password when accessing secure Government portals.

The benefit of using SingPass is that it off-loads administrative work like issuing and management of password. Together with the administration module, it provides a secure and controlled environment for STROLLS.

Q9.       Is it possible for me to get a corporate SingPass to transact on behalf of my company?

Ans.: Corporate SingPass are not issued by the authorities. However, the Singapore Government offers e-Services Authorisation System (EASY), which issues an Access Code to organisations to authorise their staff (or third party) to transact on behalf of the organisation. For more information on how to apply for EASY and other related questions, please go to .

When lodging an STR, an organisation would need to know the identity of the individual who had transacted on behalf of the organisation. It would not be practical to assign only one single userid and password to the organisation and require all the employees to use that same userid and password, as that would make it impossible to authenticate and identify the employee who was transacting on behalf of his organisation.

It is also a good security practice not to share IDs and passwords as this would increase the risks of unauthorised access to the systems and increase the risks to the organisation. A user ID is issued to an individual to uniquely authenticate the individual at the point of on-line transaction; this will also allow audit log to be done to account for the transactions done.

If the same e-service had been delivered through a manual channel, the employee who was transacting on behalf of his organisation would still have to fill up his personal particulars such as his name on the application form of the manual service and possibly even sign on the form as well. As such, there is no difference if an employee uses SingPass to uniquely authenticate himself in order to transact on behalf of his company.

Q10.    Where can I get my SingPass login?

Ans.:   You can get your SingPass from any CPF branches. For details on the CPF branches, please go to For foreigners who are holding employment passes/work permit, you may wish to refer to the SingPass FAQs at with regard to your SingPass application.

Q11.    What do I do if I lose or forget my SingPass password?

Ans.:   You may wish to go to any of the CPF branches or to request for a password change.

Q12.    Is there a time-out for each log-in?

Ans.:   For a higher level of security, users will be logged out of STROLLS automatically after 15 minutes if they do not move on to the next section of the STR form. Although the time-out period might seem short, there is little inconvenience caused to the user. STROLLS has a built in auto-save function, which will automatically save the sections of the STR which you have already completed. Hence, you can easily retrieve the uncompleted draft STR and continue from where you have stopped.

Filing of STR

Q13.    Do I use the same form when filing STRs on individuals and companies?

Ans.:   No. There are various separate forms provided with specific fields (e.g. NRIC/FIN/Passport No. for individuals and Registration number for companies) catering to the needs of the user when he/she is filing a STR on an individual, company, partnership or clubs and societies.

Q14.    I have clicked “Next” to proceed to the next section, is there any way for me to go back to edit the previous sections?

Ans.:   Yes. However, please do not use the back or forward buttons on your browser. You can return to the previous section by clicking the “Previous” button or you may edit the relevant sections after you have completed all the sections.

Q15.    Is there any character limitation for the free text fields found in the section “Reason(s) for Suspicion”?

Ans.:   Yes. The free text fields are limited to 4000 and 2000 characters for the “Reason(s) for Suspicion” and “Other Relevant Information” respectively.

Q16.    Where do I submit supporting documents together with the STR which I intend to file?

Ans.:   You may attach the supporting documents in “Step 5: Attachment”. The size of each file attachment is limited to 2MB.

Q17.    I have been logged out of STROLLS while I was filing STR. Is there any way to retrieve the STR which I was working on?

Ans.: Yes, STROLLS has an auto-save function which allows information to be saved automatically each time the user clicks the “next” or “save” button.

You can retrieve the draft STR by going to “Search and Edit Suspicious Transaction Report” found under the Suspicious Transaction Report Module. The first “Draft STR No.” (E.g. D-XXXXXX-XXXX) shown on the “Search and Edit Suspicious Transaction Report” listing will be the last STR that you were working on.

If you get the error message “You have another valid session in STROLLS”, please call the STROLLS administrator to log you out of the system. This will enable you to log-in immediately to continue lodging the STR.

Q18.    Do I have to do anything to enable the auto-save function?

Ans.:   No. The auto-save function is built in to STROLLS to enable information to be automatically saved each time the user clicks the “next” button to proceed on to the next section or the “save” button at the end of the section.


Q19.    Do I have to print a copy of the STR submitted via STROLLS to forward to my regulatory body who is authorised to receive a copy of the STR?

Ans.:   No, there is no need to as a copy of the STR will be automatically forwarded to the relevant regulatory body (authorised to receive a copy of the STR) upon submission.

Q20.    I have submitted a STR but there are some errors in the details I have provided. What do I do?

Ans.:   Editing of the STR after it has been submitted by the approving officer is not allowed. You may wish to contact the STRO officer who is handling the case to clarify the issue. Alternatively, you may inform STRO by emailing us at [email protected].

Q21.    Does STROLLS keep a soft copy of all the STRs which I have submitted on behalf of the bank?

Ans.:  Yes, a soft copy of the STRs submitted will be stored in STROLLS. Only approving officers of the organisation would be able to view the STRs which were submitted by the organisation.

User Roles & User Creation

Q22.   What are the differences between the user roles?

Ans.: Each organisation may choose a maximum of 2 users as the user administrators. These users can also take up the role of the approving officer.

The functions of the different roles are elaborated below:

Functions of Approving Officer:

- View latest updates from STRO on the STROLLS Bulletin;

- Edit your own account details;

- Create, Edit and Approve STR submissions;

- View all STRs submitted by the organisation; and

- Generate a listing of STRs drafted and submitted by the organisation.

Functions of STR Making Officer:

- View latest updates from STRO on the STROLLS Bulletin;

- Edit your own account details;

- Create, Edit draft STRs; and

- Submit the draft STRs to the Approving Officer for submission to STRO.

Functions of STR Checking Officer:

- View latest updates from STRO on the STROLLS Bulletin;

- Edit your own account details;

- Create, Edit draft STRs; and

- Submit the draft STRs to the Approving Officer for submission to STRO.

Functions of User Administrator: (Limited to two users per organisation)

- Add users for your organisation;

- Assign roles to users;

- Delete and Edit users; and

- Edit your own account details.

Q23.     Are there any character limitations when entering user/bank particulars?

Ans.:   Yes, the character limitations are as follows:

Field Name Field Length Data Type Example
First Name Max of 36 Characters Alphanumeric Meng Kiat
Last Name Max of 30 Characters Alphanumeric Chang
NRIC Max of 9 Characters Alphanumeric S1234567D
Email Address Max of 100 Characters Alphanumeric [email protected]
Contact Number Max of 8 Characters Numeric 65521111
Department Name Max of 100 Characters Alphanumeric Credit Department
Address Max of 80 Characters Alphanumeric CC Building AMK ave 2 S(123456)

Bank Name Max of 100 Characters Alphanumeric ABC Bank Pte Ltd
Branch Name Max of 100 Characters Alphanumeric Toa Payoh Branch
FI Sector Name Max of 100 Characters Alphanumeric Banking

NOTE:  Email Address is extended to max 320 characters.

Contact Number is extended to max 15 characters.

Contact Details of STROLLS Administrator

Contact Information
Suspicious Transaction Reporting Office (STRO)
Commercial Affairs Department

391 New Bridge Road, #06-701
Police Cantonment Complex Block D
Singapore 088762

[email protected]

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